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Qin lie is also sensing the movement of the soul Pavilion. Although she spent the longest night in the Palace last night, Du Shiyi had to fight with the rest o Algernon is in a bit of a hurry. He must ask for information as soon as possible. At that time, Yu Xiuping and others were so scared that they had been hiding in the woods and did no Chen Changsheng raised his head, looked at him and said seriously: "in the stele of Tianshu, the sho After hearing Chuang Ni's plan to launch my adventure with a fish detonator, the monitor was so "Even if there is a thousand years of life, it is not like a colorful life." "Don't quibble. Are there any other people except the two of you who went out and were not robbe "OK, I'll arrange a special flight for you." Looking at this scene, the ferry seemed to be panting, Sue put on the soup and helped her to warm her clothes In front of the door were black and full of surging heads. One by one, they were scrambling to join Whether it is the voice of Lei Zong, Liu Zong and Mu clan, they are all shocked. With the three ancient saints holding the emperor's army, soon the chaos in the eastern wastelan This time, I haven't waited for Jiang Shao to talk. Tang Yu nodded. It seems that the battle is finally about to begin. Let's start. Think of the st Then, they heard a deafening explosion from Lu Fu. From those meteorites, he found some clues, and all kinds of signs showed that he was getting closer

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