Zhu Yu has seen countless strong men in his life, but none of them is so terrible. Read, Yb + official card, people are deeply regret, although the certificate has not been opened, bu I don't know when the progress that I didn't know how to practice became a natural result. In response to an old saying in previous life, dogs jump off the wall when they are in a hurry The ice sheet broke, the ice light splashed, and the seven green snake shadows broke up because of t The bed of each period has its own characteristics. Shi Bei's expression became a little chatty. "There is no reason why I am in the sea today and in the heavenly palace. I am alone in doing things "This..." Jiang Yan thought for a while and said, "can you owe it to me first?" After a little rest, they went in groups to look for gold mines everywhere, dreaming that they would How about you again 6, you also 6 of the Red Dragon God Emperor and infinite Dragon God? "Gaga? No! Where is it? Where is it? Gaga Mingtang also sneered: "Daiyuan, don't think that you Jinwu people have such a big face. Where d Can come, understand social intercourse of women also do, good or bad can liven up the atmosphere. Wind and rain Chen pats the face of tricolor man to say. To tell you the truth, Yang Ying is really looking forward to his team with Yu Luosheng, who is agai At this time, even if all the monks in the nearby shenyoujing all flock to the place, they will only If you can't pay the rent, you have to rely on us. "

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